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Hello all ! With this instructable I will be writing and documenting a series of projects mentioning and exploring the various hidden ( rather unexplored ) features of the tiny ESP8266-01 WiFi Module.
Did you know that the ESP8266-01 supports I2C communication? Yes it is true, this little module lying unattended in one corner of your electronics bench has the capability to support this amazing communication protocol. This module is mainly used to connect and provide WiFi connectivity to a project using the serial communication involving Tx and Rx pins of the module. But in reality this cheap module is in itself a very capable microcontroller that can be used as standalone projects as well.
In this instructable we will be exploring the I2C communication protocol and interfacing an OLED display to show some animations and custom data as well.
So without any further delay let’s jump into some theory and finally a practical application showing the hidden talents of this little buddy!”

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