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While browsing Instructables I came across teebee918’s project where he made 2 different types of “motion” sensors. I continued on the principle of one of the sensors. This sensor consists of a spring on which an iron ball is mounted. When this ball moves it hits a conductive ring around the ball, causing the sensor to make contact.
The contact time of this sensor is very short. Connecting a lamp or alarm to it to be alerted when the sensor moves is therefore difficult. By connecting a simple circuit with an IC555 timer as a basis (as in the Touch on Touch off Instructable) this issue solves. When the sensor registers movement, the output becomes active. The output must be reset with a reset button.
The combination of these 2 projects makes a complete sensor. You can use a vibration sensor for various applications. They are used, among other things, for detecting wear on engines. This sensor is not that precise and is nice for hobby purposes or simple projects.

555 timer
Tactile switch
LED (any color)
330 Ohm resistor
9V battery
9V battery clip
Spring (from a pen)
Iron ball (from ball bearing)”

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