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This is a high accuracy current sensor project build using ACS37002 IC from Allegro, which is a fully integrated Hall-effect current sensor with 0.85mOhms integrated conductor. A fast overcurrent alert output, programmable gain settings and analog linear voltage outputs are key features of this project. The sensor has optimized accuracy for current ranges +/-33A to +/-66 A and the analog voltage output is linear for the current of this range. The operating voltage of the project is 5V DC. The output voltage of this sensor is centered at VCC/2 =2.5V. Output sensitivity depends on the jumper settings, please refer to the table below for sensitivity/Gain configuration. CN2 6-pin header connector provided for power input and outputs. D1 is the power LED. Overcurrent alert is set to a minimum but it can be set as per user requirement by changing resistor divider R4 and R5, more information provided below.”

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