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STMicroelectronics’ dual-channel digital isolators cover flexible configurations

STMicroelectronics has extended its family of dual-channel high-speed digital isolators, enhancing flexibility for designers to optimize their board layout.

The new STISO620 contains two channels of the same directionality, having all digital inputs on one side of the isolation barrier and all digital outputs on the other side. It joins ST’s digital isolator lineup alongside the STISO621 and STISO621W that provide one channel in each direction. The family thus offers a convenient solution for many applications that need to isolate two digital signals and transfer the digital communication across the isolation barrier with flexible directionality.

All the isolators are based on ST’s 6kV thick-oxide technology that ensures robust galvanic isolation. Built to maintain insulation integrity during system faults and with aging, they enhance reliability in industrial and consumer applications. These include smart-grid equipment, utility meters, motor drives, smart building and lighting systems, and domestic appliances, as well as power supplies, inverters, fieldbus isolators, and battery monitors. They can be used anywhere to replace optocouplers, ensuring superior long-term performance.

With two Schmitt-trigger inputs, the STISO620 provides high noise immunity with up to 100Mbit/s switching speed and pulse distortion less than 3ns. Housed in an SO8N narrow-body package with 4mm creepage and clearance, the STISO620 withstands 4000Vpeak impulse voltage (VIOTM) and has 2830Vrms isolation voltage (VISO) with 849Vrms maximum working isolation voltage (VIOWM). The isolation key parameters are tested in accordance with VDE0884-10 and UL 1577 safety standards and all the isolators are already UL 1577-certified.

The STISO620, STISO621, and STISO621W in the SO8W wide-body package, are in production now and priced from $0.93 for orders of 1000 pieces. The EVALSTISO62XV1 evaluation board, for $40.76, helps users kick-start their projects using any variant and is available from distributors and the ST e-store.”

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