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Testing Servo Capes with the BeagleBone Black

It is not dual core, it is the am335x supported BBB! Enjoy my take on the build and ideas revolving around the Servo Cape(s)!

Hey You,


I think the BBB is a nice board with a lot of features. With this build, we will build a Quadruped (almost). The almost part is b/c of my 3D Printer being below par on size…WIP. Wait for the updates to the build environment for my 3D Printer in another build process.

_Servo Cape + BBB + 12 Servos ==

Add what you desire for the blank line! So, I got some help from a fellow on #beagle from IRC and a fellow named Ben. Ben has been nice enough to allow me to share his effort along with my works to produce this quadruped.”

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