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AI08 Devboard

A devboard for SAM&WING AI08 8-Channel Capacitive Touch Controller IC

Back in September 2022, I found a category on LCSC about capacitive touch controllers. The touch controller chips come in all sizes (single input to many) and types (I2C, parallel output, etc.) and is a useful chip if you need to add touch support for your projects, so I want to try out one of them, the SAM&WING AI08. (From their website the company name is actually Xiamen Xinwang Electronic Technology. LCSC can be weird sometimes.)

The AI08 is an 8-channel capacitive touch controller. (Not to be confused with the AI08B.) This chip requires just a few additional passive components: C1 capacitor, CSEL capacitor, Vcc decoupling capacitor, and series resistors on each input channel.”

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