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A simple RGB Color Mixer for photography use, its powered by an Seeed XIAO M0 and uses three pots for controlling the colors.

Hey there, guys. I have a colorful project for you called The COLOR MIXER Version 2, which is a homemade version of the RGB Box that is used in photography and cinematography

As previously stated, this is Version 2 of the previously created COLOR MIXER Box project, which functions identically to this version but has a new form factor, a WS2811 IC with 5050 LEDs instead of WS2812B LEDs, and an inbuilt power source to make this setup fully wire-free and portable.

The XIAO M0 Dev board drives it, and the SSD1306 OLED is used to display the RGB values.

The cinematography uses “RGB box lights, ” which are readily accessible commercially, to set the lighting in a variety of settings.

This homemade RGB controller has three pots for selecting different colors (R, G, and B). Additionally attached is an OLED that displays the value in 10-bit resolution.

This article is about how this project was built, so let’s get started.

Material Required
The following are the materials used in this Project-

- Custom PCBs- LED board and Control Board
- Seeed XIAO M0 MCU
- WS2811 IC
- 5050 RGB LEDs
- 100nf capacitor 1206 package
- IP5303
- 10uF 0805 Package Capacitor
- 5.6uH Inductor
- 0603 LED Blue
- 10K Resistor 0805 Package
- Vertical Push Button
- USB Micro Port
- USB Port
- SMD 18650 Cell Holder
- PCB Standoffs
- 3.7V li-ion cell”

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