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Automate environment management prevent lightnings damage

Control energy flow during lightning storms, take a quite weekend this time, automate safety of environment.

The rush to realize this project and final board came from the Co designer project with Seeed Studio concerning the Grove-AS3935Lightning-sensor. Well the sensor was designed and works very fine, but what about something practical to use it in a very proficuous way? How to demonstrate the high potential of this sensor trough a project ? So I remember a problem, a shared problem I think. Anytime there is a storm with lightnings I must remember to detach telephone line, internet, computer supply, TV set supply and more otherwise they will be (higlhy) probably damaged. If I am out for a weekend then at my return no chance to fix damaged electronic equipment. To develop this project I profesionally designed a piggyback board for Arduino named “ServerHW” well suited to make a direct application of the idea. There are many uses for the Grove-AS3935Lightning-sensor and one is applied in my project, interesting feature is protecting valuable crops from a disaster moving open or close a shed or something similar in order to protect crop cultivation. This board reads the sensor output and in case of critical Lightning situation takes action protecting from damages by electric shock from lightnings. More, lightnings are accompanied by violent rain or flooding so this project is very useful in all situation were people be endangered by such situations. I foresee useful applications in home or in collective people structures or in agriculture applications. The board I have designed for this project is used an Arduino Uno shield (or any compatible footprint) but can also accept the XIAO board family from Seeed Stduio. These boards can be present at the same time doubling the operations with the ServerHW board, or one at the time to get (with XIAO board) a very compact size.”

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