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People generally worry about the wastage of water when they switch ON the motor and forget to switch OFF the motor. This project may help them in saving water for the future.
A water level detector is used to control the water level in the tank.
In many industries like chemical, there is a restriction on the liquid level of the container in such cases level controller can maintain a level of the liquid at the desired level.
The device works on the principle that the water is capable of passing a current through it. One wire which is connected to VCC is left in the bottom-most part of the tank and the rest wires are set at different levels in the tank. Except for the bottom-most wire which provides VCC to the whole water, we have two wires set at different levels one is for medium level and another one is for full. Another terminal of these two wires is connected to the base of transistors and hence in turn to the microcontroller which is the heart of the device. When water starts rising, different levels touch the water and get some positive voltage. This positive voltage is given to the base of transistors to activate them and hence passing the signal to the controller. The indicating component is LED. This component shows the current status of the water in the tank. Green LED is used for indicating the medium level of the tank and Red LED is used for indicating the full level of the tank.”

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