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Open UpCell

Open-source USB Type C PD board for 1S Lipo or Li-ion cell or cell with similar chemistry.

We have attended a lot of hackers events online as well as offline, watched a lot of videos, build a lot of project & we have noticed a problem faced not only by us but is also faced by a lot of makers as well and that was to power the project. So, we decided to attack on the problem to help makers community integrate the power easily in their project so that they can focus on their innovative solution instead of wasting time on building power connection.I major features we have in mind while building it were

- Easier integration, play & play solution
- Must be able to power hungry projects, Raspberry pi as well
- Easily replaceable battery
- Fast charging
- Easy switching b/w 3.3V & 5V output

And our final comes with all of these and the cherry on the top is it’s completely Open Source as well.

- Short-circuit protection
- Temperature loop control
- Input over-voltage protection
- Input over-current protection
- Over-charge protection
- Fused input
- Trickle charging

- 3.3V/5V output options
- STEMMA QT connector
- SEEED GROOVE connector
- Battery gauge over I2C
- Charge control, status, and monitoring over I2C
- 1.8v. 3.3v, and 5V compliant I2C
- Arduino IDE SDK for I2C communication (Under Developement)
- MicroPython SDK for I2C communication (Under Developement)
- 5V, 9V, 12V USB PD and fast charging capable (Up to 14V or 3A)
- Compatible with any capacity of Li-Po or 18650 cells, 21600 cells, or equivalent lithium chemistry cell.

Not only this but also we are actively working on it’s enclosure which can be easily 3D printed using any 3D printer w/o support and it will be completely screwless & also there will be no need of glue/tape to fix it in place.”

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