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Simple Bench Signal Generator

A simple to make AD9833-based bench signal generator, suitable for 10Hz–1Mhz - for actual practical use.

The AD9833 (and boards that contain it, such as the GY-9833) is a great little signal generator. But using one means one needs a couple of libraries from among many possible choices; many user interface decisions; some pushbutton magic; and some construction if the device is to be actually useful.

Having looked around and found many previous project options, I decided that too much choice is confusing, and most of those options had some imperfections or bugs that I would consider showstoppers. So I put together my own, using an Arduino Nano and a few simple libraries that are included with the IDE, and a bunch of code and some construction - and described it in a manual.

That manual is of the essence here, by the way: good documentation is essential in any project.

Unlike some I saw, this project is fully functional. If you want, you can improve the screen display; add a “heartbeat” LED; and add some more functionality, but those are additional and not strictly necessary.

Enjoy building your own essential workbench tool!”

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