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This is a cool way to measure your hearing. Hope you enjoy it!

I had a medical test and the doctor measured my hearing. When I left the medical center I said to myself…. I have to build one with Arduino :-)

To make it work, you need to plug the headset in your left year and then start increasing the volume until you hear a sound. When you hear the sound, you need to press the knob that will allow you to check on the next frequency. The display will give you all the info required.

After checking the left ear, you will need to check the right one.

The red color represents the left ear, while the blue color represents the right one!

At the end of the process, you will see a graphical view of both ears. This will tell you the quality of you hearing at each frequency.

Be Aware, that this is not a professional device! And must be used only for fun purpose!

The reset button will allow you to start a new measure again.”

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