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I always spend a lot of time to decide what to eat since I have so many options and it’s hard to choose one from them. Because of this, I want to design a product to decide it for me. Speaking of randomness, the slot machine is the first thing that comes to my mind. Therefore, I designed Spicy Roller, a cardboard slot machine with light and sound to help you choose your meals.


- Cardboard from package box
- 3 wooden sticks
- 6 Bearings
- Utility knife
- 4 Pingpong balls
- LED beads
- Arduino Uno
- wires
- Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board + 2x2W Amp – WAV/OGG Trigger -16MB
- Glue gun
- Wire cutter
- Scissor
- Drill
- Soldering kit
- Printer
- Sharpie marker
- Scotch tape
- Sharpie”

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