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6bit Digital-Analog-Converter

Cheap discrete DAC with CD4007 IC

A fifty-year old DAC design with two CD4007 CMOS ICs, but still good enough to get a grasp how DACs work.

The output (which is inverted) should act according to the input bit pattern.

Examples with 3.3V (CD4007UBE specified for 3V-18V):
111111 (representing 0d) = 0.0V
011111 (representing 32d) = 1.6V
001111 (representing 48d) = 2.5V

The better the tolerances of the resistors (you need a lot :-D), the better the results. Use any input device you like (e.g. µC, mechanical switches). Also easily scalable to 9bit, 12bit, ….”

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