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How to make a very simple single Valve Amplifier that also works at low voltage and is powered by 12V DC

A valve amplifier or tube amplifier is a type of electronic device that uses vacuum tubes to increase the amplitude or power of a audio signal. Until the invention of the transistor, all electronic amplification was produced by valve (tube) amplifiers. Nowadays, this amplifiers are again popular among audiophiles, and their price is usually very high.

Valve amplifiers produce greater amounts of total harmonic distortion, but this type of distortion (2nd harmonic) is not as disturbing to the ear, and is perceived as a “warm” pleasant sound, especially when playing instruments where this amplifiers are still indispensable. This type of amplifiers are not very popular with DIYers mostly because they use high voltages (more than 200V) which are usually difficult to perform and are very dangerous. This time I will describe to you how to make a very simple single tube amplifier that also works at low voltage and is powered by 12V DC.

As we can see in the schematic diagram, the device consists of several parts, which I will describe individually.”

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