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A fire-free fireplace allows you to avoid some unnecessary accidental like sparks of the wood ignite the attached hay.

There are many accidental fires around the world every year, and one of the reasons is that the sparks from the wood ignite nearby flammable materials, such as hay, dead branches, paper, etc. But if you use some components that have a similar effect, you can avoid some fires that should not happen. So I made a fireplace or campfire without burning any wood.

This project uses Seeeduino V4.2 as the main controller and uses a Base shield extension to connect the sensor to the RGB Ring light and then fans the wind (distance) by hand to make the “flame” burn more vigorously.

- Avoid many things that may cause fire
- Easy to start for beginners.

Get start
Hardware required

- Seeeduino V4.2
- Grove Base Shield V2.0 for Arduino
- Grove - UltrasonicRanger
- Grove - Ultimate RGB LED Ring”

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