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In this Article, we learn about how to make DIY Ultrasonic Range Finder with ESP32.

Components required:
1. ESP32 board
2. Sonar sensor
3. Power supply
4. Jumper wires

Working Overview:
An ultrasonic range finder can be connected to an ESP32 microcontroller to measure distances using sound waves. The ESP32 has GPIO pins that can be used to interface with the ultrasonic sensor.

Connect the trigger pin of the ultrasonic sensor to a GPIO pin on the ESP32, and the echo pin to another GPIO pin. Then, you can use a simple code to trigger the sensor, measure the time it takes for the sound wave to bounce back, and calculate the distance based on the speed of sound.

1. Distance Measurement
2. Gesture Recognition
3. Parking Assistance
4. Liquid Level Measurement
5. IoT Applications”

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