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Mini WiFi Scanner using OLED

Modifying code example for ESP32 WiFi Scanner to display on OLED instead of Serial Monitor

The codes generated from this project is by modifying code of others (The reference link is attached below). It comes to my mind when I learn about how to use esp32. From the blog, the WiFi scanner data is displayed via Serial monitor. I am thinking “Hmm.. can I just try to display it on OLED, to make it cuter and cooler?” With some times of learning, eventually I have made it >w<

From the website I referred, it is using a 38 pins of ESP32 to realize the project. Instead, I am using a 30 pins of ESP32, so the GPIOs may be different. What I learnt from this project is that, you may refer to the datasheet to understand each pin functionality.

You may also try working with arduino Uno instead of esp32 by browsing through the net!”

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