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The ATtiny 2-Series

This article looks at Microchip’s latest addition to the ATtiny range, the 2-series, which offers some key advantages over the earlier ATtiny 0-series and 1-series, including: an advanced 12-bit differential 375 ksps analogue-to-digital converter with a 16x programmable gain amplifier, two USARTS, increased RAM, and the option of a smaller SSOP package for the 14-pin and 20-pin parts.

A couple of years ago I reviewed the ATtiny 0-series and 1-series range of chips from Microchip, an impressive matrix of parts with a consistent set of peripherals, and covering a wide range of application requirements from 8 to 24 pins and 2K to 32K of flash memory (see Getting Started with the New ATtiny Chips).

Since then, starting with the ATtiny1624, ATtiny1626, and ATtiny1627 released in Q1 2021, Microchip have been extending the range with a new 2-series. As the full set of parts have now been released I thought it would be useful to update my original article to add information about the new 2-series.”

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