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Hello Everyone.

So here’s a fun little project that tackles a major issue with the Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontroller.

The Raspberry Pi Pico’s pinout information is located on the bottom side of the board, which makes prototyping difficult. When we mount the device on a breadboard, we have to utilize a reference guide to determine which pins are whose, which is a messy procedure.

All the pinout details are on the top side of the expansion board I made. To showcase the Pico’s HID capabilities, we connect it to an extension board and utilize it to build a simple mouse.

This Expansion board have extra 4 pins for each GPIO pins and have few extra pins on both sides which are not connected to anything, these are for placement of XYZ components for making quick prototypes.

Now that we know how to use this expansion board, let’s get started with the article’s discussion of the entire process.

Following are the materials used in this built-

- RPi Pico
- Custom PCB
- Push Buttons
- Connection wires
- PCB Standoffs”

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