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Wireless Joystick Module Experiment With ESP8266 on ESP-Now

Extending from the idea of my previous post Joystick Module Calibration and Press Detection, this post is an attempt to futher ehnance the code to implement wireless Joystick support over ESP-Now communication protocol, which is built-in to ESP microcontroller boards.

Two ESP microcontroller boards are need.

One as server, which will have physical Joystick module attached.
One as client, which will be receiving Joystick signals (ESP-Now packets) from the server, to realize wireless “virtual” Joystick.
Here, I will only use ESP8266 microcontroller boards — ESP01 board and ESP8266 board (NodeMCU). Of cause, the ESP-Now communication protocol doesn’t require that the boards be the same type, and therefore can be ESP32. However, since the ESP-Now coding of ESP32 is a bit different from that of ESP8266, here, I will only code for ESP8266.”

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