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A few weeks ago I saw a video on Reddit of someone that added a tiny camera to the extruder assembly. The view was truly mesmerizing! It was then I decided to make this myself! Finding a mount for the camera was not easy. All the mounts I found were either too far away from the nozzle or out of focus, so I decided to design my own using Fusion 360. Using a tiny plastic magnifying lens enabled me to get the camera closer while still being in focus. Please note that I used whatever parts were available in nearby hardware stores (in Norway). Therefore you need to see if you can find something nearby you or online! Without further a due lets get started!

- A 3d printer (This guide is specifically made for the Prusa MK3S+, if you have a different printer you have to figure out a different way of mounting the camera)
- 7mm Camera module (there is plenty to choose from on AliExpress, Amazon or Ebay)
- 3mm white LEDs (Preferably 3,3v ones so you can turn them on and off using Octoprint)
- Red and Black multithreaded wires
- Heat shrink tubing
- Soldering iron and solder
- Dremel
- 5-10x magnifying lens (I used a 5x one)”

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