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NanoStat: An open source, fully wireless potentiostat

We present an open source, fully wireless potentiostat (the “NanoStat”) for applications in electrochemistry, sensing, biomedical diagnostics, and nanotechnology, based on only 2 integrated circuit chips: A digital microcontroller with integrated on board WiFi and file/web server hardware/software, and an analog front end. This versatile platform is fully capable of all modern electrochemisty assays, including cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, chronoamperometry, and normal pulse voltammetry. The user interface is a web browser connected over http. All the code (firmware, HTML5, JavaScript) is hosted by the NanoStat itself without the need for any additional software. The total size is mm and battery operation for 6 h is demonstrated, possible to extend to weeks or months in sleep mode. We anticipate that the applications of this could be very broad, from biomedical sensing in the clinic, to remote monitoring of unattended “motes”, to even possibly sensing aerial pathogens such as COVID in large public spaces without the need for anything other than a web browser for remote monitoring from anywhere in the world. Finally, we propose to use this software suite as a basis (kernel) of a fully open source, general purpose, web based electrochemistry software suite, abstracted from the hardware, which we call “OpenEChem”.”

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