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A WEB Based or Wifi/BLE (EL327 Compatible) OBDII Dongle Platform using the ESP32 WROVER (16MB) Module

An OBDII Dongle using the ESP32 Wrover with built-in SPIFFF memory is used as a CAN BUS OBDII reader and the data is presented as web page using a built-in webserver. The webpage code communicates to the dongle via WiFi and uses websockets to retrieve OBDII data. The platform is using an ESP32 microcontroller which is a dual core mcu with the first core handling the CAN Bus comunications part via SN65HVD230 CAN BUS Transceiver and the 2nd core handling the websocket part. OBDII data is pushed to the UI every 60ms to 100ms for critical data such as rpm and speed, and every 1000ms for not so critical data such as temp, voltage, etc.

The platform code is using ESP32 RTOS for the multi core multi tasking component. That’s basically an OBDII with a webserver running inside that dongle attached to the car’s obd port. And literally you can read every car metric data and show it on the car infotainment / Web browser / Phone app with customizable fancy UI stuff (gauges, graphs, etc.) using standard HTML/JS/CSS/JPG renders.”

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