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Today I’ll share how to make an 4x4x4 led cube which is built from Arduino Nano, RGB LEDs 10mm - common anode and double side prototype PCB.
Let get started.

Main parts include:

01pcs x Arduino NANO.
64pcs x RGB LED, 10mm, Common Anode.
06pcs x Power Logic 8-Bit Shift Register TPIC6B595N.
04pcs x Transistor A1013.
02pcs x Double Side Tinned Prototype PCB Universal Board 8x12cm.
06pcs x Capacitor 0.1uF.
48pcs x R100.
04pcs x R1K.
04pcs x Female 40pin 2.54mm Header.
04pcs x Male 40pin 2.54mm Header.
01meter x 8P Rainbow Ribbon Cable.
01pcs x White Acrylic Plate, A4 size.”

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