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In this project we’re building a Raspberry Pi powered YouTube lofi radio player with Adafruit’s BrainCraft HAT!

We designed and 3d printed this case to house the electronics and features a built-in speaker and display!

The Pi is set up in kiosk mode and automatically plays any YouTube music stream. This uses digital I2S, so it’s got high quality stereo output!

The BrainCraft HAT has everything you need to make an all-in-one YouTube player.

The built in joystick can be used to change the stations and adjust the volume.

This lets you quickly switch between different YouTube channels without having to use a keyboard or mouse.

You can also pause and play the video by pressing the button next to the joystick.

The case has access to all of the ports so you can get to the headphone jack if you wanna hook it up to a bigger sound system.

To keep the Pi nice and cool, we added holes on the side of the case for better airflow.”

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