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There is an ESP32 with a built in 320 x 240 2.8” LCD display with a touch screen called the “ESP32-2432S028R”, since this doesn’t roll of the tongue, I propose it should be renamed the “Cheap Yellow Display” or CYD for short. This display is only about $15 delivered so I think it’s really good value.

The CYD has the following features:

- ESP32 (With Wifi and Bluetooth)
- 320 x 240 LCD Display (2.8”)
- Touch Screen (Resistive)
- USB for powering and programming
- SD Card Slot, LED and some additional pins broken out

Who is it good for?
I think it’s useful for the following types of people:

People just getting started with working hardware - as everything is already connected, there is no soldering or additional components required
People who are familiar with working with hardware, but are lazy - (like me) Sometimes you just want to build a project without having to assemble any hardware
People who aren’t really looking to learn anything, but just want to build some cool things - More about this later.
What is the purpose of this page?
So this is pretty nice hardware and a cheap price, but the software instructions/support around it is pretty poor. Just a single link to a zip file on a random website.

A couple of years ago I released the ESP32 Trinity, which is an open source ESP32 board for controlling Matrix panels. I think the main benefit people get out of the work I did on the Trinty is not the hardware, but the documentation, example code and ready to go projects.

I’m no longer creating hardware products, but I think it would be interesting if we could create the same kind of community around this display, where people can share examples and projects made for this display.”

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