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Liquid Propane Tank Remote Level Monitoring

Wanted to monitor my liquid propane tank level and add it to my dashboard for monitoring.

Wanted to monitor my propane tank levels and add it to my existing Grafana dashboard to monitor the level. The Dials on the propane tanks were already “Remote Ready” after doing some digging and finding out the the R3D sensor is just a magnetic linear hall-effect sensor the KY-024 would work perfectly. I attempted to contact Rochester Gauges to see if they would sell the sensor and never got a response so I built one myself using the cover piece that would be removed if you purchased a remote monitoring packing from someone for over $300.

Total project cost was around $60 if you order from AliExpress and wait the long delivery times.

Only 3.3V DC is going to the sensor and current is limited through the KY-024 and draws around 6mA, well below the current or voltage levels for propane. Also to save battery life and reduce the voltage near the propane tank the sensor is connected to GPIO 26 and only energized for the 3 seconds to take 3 samples and average the value before sending to InfluxDB Cloud then to Grafana for dispay and trending.”

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