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The Ultimate "Servo Claw Game"

In this tutorial we will be creating a servo claw game which can be a fun way to make students learn about EMG and how the muscle signals can be used in controlling a prosthetic hand as the mechanism is almost the same in both the cases. When we flex our muscles, it produces muscle signals (EMG) which can be used as a trigger to move a servo motor which is attached to a claw, so whenever you flex your arm, the servo claw opens or close.

But before moving forward, let’s understand a brief about Electromyography.

What is Electromyography (EMG)?

Electromyography is a technique that measures muscle response or electrical activity in response to a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. We can use this electrical activity to detect neuromuscular abnormalities or create solutions for some crazy real-world problems like making artificial limb for amputees.

About Muscle BioAmp Shield:

Muscle BioAmp Shield is an all in one Arduino Uno Shield for Electromyography (EMG). It is perfect for beginners as it can be stacked on top of Arduino Uno to record, visualize and listen to the muscle signals to make amazing Human Computer Interface (HCI) projects. It also comes with various plug and play options so you can connect hundreds of devices like OLED screens, character displays, accelerometers, servo claw to name just a few using the I2C interface.

This is one of the product in the entire BioAmp series of sensors from Upside Down Labs which is designed in a way to teach you the basics of the instrumentation amplifier, active bandpass filtering, soldering, programming, neuroscience, Human Computer Interface (HCI), Brain Computer Interface (BCI), etc.”

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