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Made a Flower Pot by combining PCBs together, the whole setup is powered by an Atmega328PU, and it’s basically a Decorative lamp.

I made this flowerpot by combining three different PCBs, I used a diamond-shaped board as a flower petal by soldering them together in star-shaped form.

I used a previously made PCB as a leaf because its shape was somewhat similar to an actual leaf.

As for the stem, I prepared a PCB that holds the flower and leaf together, this stem is then soldered on a base that holds the whole structure and also contains the control board.

I’ve added LEDs on Petals and Leaf, these LEDs connected are in parallel. LEDs on each PCB are connected in parallel, they are all driven by six MOSFETs that are on the Base PCB.

These Mosfets are controlled by an Atmega328PU, we can turn them ON-OFF in sequence or dim them down or do some fading effects on them.

As for the Power, I’ve added a Boost IC Setup on the base that boosts 3.7V from the Lithium Cell into 5V for powering the LEDs and Microcontroller.

This article is gonna be about the build Process of the whole Flower so let’s get started.

Material Required
These were the things I used in this build-

- Custom PCBs (Base PCB, Diamond-shaped PCB, STEM PCBs, and Tear Shaped PCB)
- Atmega328PU
- IP5306 Power Management IC
- 10uF Capacitor 0805 Package
- Resistor 10K 0603 Package
- Resistor 1K 0603 Package
- Resistor 3R3
- 1H Inductor
- Push Button SMD
- Push Button THT
- ON-OFF Switch
- Type C Port
- 22pf Capacitor
- Indicator LED 0603 Package
- 8205S Mosfets
- Connecting Wires
- WHITE LEDs 0603 Package
- BLUE LEDs 0603 Package
- 3D Printed PCB HOLDERs
- 3D Printed Vase
- Lithium-Ion cell 18650 Holder
- Lithium-Ion cell 3.7V 2200mah Cell”

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