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Business Card/Game Console: ATtiny85 and OLED Screen

Today I’m going to show you how you can build your own business card/game console/whatever you can imagine that features a backlit I2C OLED display and an ATtiny85 Microprocessor. In this Instructable I’ll tell you how a PCB that I designed actually functions, how you can build it, and what you can do with this functionality. If you already have an I2C screen hooked up to an ATtiny85, this Instructable can still be helpful if you’re trying to get images to display or want to make menus, a game, and more. You’re probably wondering what this thing actually is. It’s just a simple printed circuit board with an onboard battery, screen, buttons, on/off switch, and processing unit. Think of it as a tiny Gameboy, that you can easily program to do a variety of things. Onward!”

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