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USB to -5V Negative Voltage DC-DC switching Converter

Now days USB power source is very common and available in many devices and power banks. This DC-DC converter provide -5V negative voltage from +5V USB power source. This converter can be used in a wide range of industrial automation control equipment, sensors, isolated operational amplifiers and test & measurement equipment that require bipolar supply voltages.The Max735 is CMOS, inverting switch-mode regulator with internal power MOSFETs. It operates from 4V to 6.2V input supply, and provides 5V 200mA load current. The MAX735 employ a high-performance current mode pulse- width modulation scheme to provide tight output-voltage regulation and low sub harmonic noise. The fixed frequency oscillator is factory trimmed to 160Khz, allowing for easy noise filtering.
- Supply Input USB +5V (4V to 6.2V Range)
- PCB Directly Mount on USB Power Source (PCB USB Connector)
- Header Connectors for output
- Operating Frequency 160 KHz
- Provides -5V Negative Supply
- Maximum Load current 200mA
- PCB dimensions: 43.89 x 22.70mm”

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