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Typewriter Turned Plotter

Apologies for the poorly written instructable. I don’t have much time these days and was not thinking of writing one when I was working on the project.
A few months ago I made a CD rom plotter for my daughters. See attached a couple of pictures (the one with a bunch of small cartoons and the one with the blue pen) . I borrowed the idea and files from other instructables and there is nothing special about it so I did not do a write up. My 3 yo loves it but the 8 yo said it was boring because it was too small. So I decided to build something bigger but did not want to built a CNC from scratch, because of time and $.
I then found a very cheap and heavily used simple Smith Corona typewriter and decided it was going to be the base for this built as it has pretty much all I need - precise movement in two directions, using stepper motors.
I did not find anything close to this anywhere, if you find something, let me know as I want to get ideas on how to improve it. Here it goes.”

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