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From time to time, my kitchen falls victim to a bored dog. When left unattended, skirting boards, dog beds, kitchen towels, kitchen cabinets and paintwork have all suffered. To help keep my pupper entertained while I’m at work, I developed an IoT laser pet toy to keep him occupied. In the auto mode, a laser will move around the floor in a random pattern for a period of time, after which treats are dropped to reward the pet. The reward is important so they don’t get frustrated by the elusive laser and it encourages them to play!
It can be controlled manually via a smartphone, or set to auto mode. It can also be activated by voice using Google Assistant(auto mode only).
To build this project, you will need:

2 mg995 servos
pan and tilt sensor mount kit
1 micro servo SG90
protein scoop or equivalent
650nm Red Laser Diode Module
power supply(12v 5A)
DC-DC 24V/12V To 5V 5A Step Down Buck Converter
soldering iron
smartphone/Google home device
glue gun
The following software is also required:

Arduino IDE and esp8266 library
Blynk app and libraries
Google Assistant”

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