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I’m a big fan of technology and music, and I decided to make this after I was inspired by my former life as a piano student. Anyways…
In this lesson, I’ll show you how to make a cheap capacitive touch piano using an Arduino, speaker, and paper. I will show you step-by-step instructions to make this and how to connect the wires. In the end, you will have made your very own capacitive touch piano with 8 keys. Let’s get started!
This project is based on capacitive touch sensing, which is a way of human touch sensing, that requires little or no force to activate. It may be used to sense human touch through more than a quarter of an inch of plastic, wood, ceramic or other insulating material (not any kind of metal though), enabling the sensor to be completely visually concealed. Human touch generates a charge, which is capacitance which is sensed and measured by Arduino. Depending on the level of capacitance, Arduino actuates a different note.
1 Arduino Uno with an USB cable
16 Male-to-Female Jumper wires
8 Uncoated Paperclips
1 Breadboard
5 jumper wires
A pencil
Paper and cardboard
8 1M Ohm resistors
1 Speaker”

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