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It is quite possible to create decent sound with an Arduino as has been demonstrated in plenty of other projects, for example:
Here is another demonstration of how a common Arduino Uno (or clone) can be used to generate a wide range of musical sounds.
The specs are as follows:
31kHz sampling rate 9-bit resolution 4-fold polyphony (4 different tones can play simulateneously) FM-synthesis with time-varying modulation amplitude ADSR envelopes 12 preset instruments 18 keys covering 1.5 octaveWatch and listen to the video for a demo!
Of course it’s nowhere close to the commercially digital synthesizers, but it’s a big step from a simple ‘beep’ piano.
Instruments are defined by a set of 10 parameters, and it’s easy to create new sounds by changing the parameters. After playing around a bit I found came up with 12 instruments that sound good and named them as follows:
piano xylophone guitar cymbal bell funky vibrato metal violin bass trumpet harmonicaPlease tell me in the feedback if you find new good sounds, then I can add them to the code.
The project described has the 19-button keyboard built with microbuttons on breadboard, but it lends itself perfectly to be built into existing objects, like furniture, toys or vintage equipment.”

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