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If the CO2 is high, the bird dies. Open a window to revive it.

The problem
We must take care of our health and in these times more than ever, considering the fact that we live in increasingly industrialized cities and affected by pollution, for this today’s project, which I have called La Cigüita.

Inspired by the use that miners gave to canaries in ancient times, for those who don’t know, before all the sensors we have today existed, around 1800, miners explored the mines with a canary in a cage, if the canary suddenly showed signs of poisoning, the mine was evacuated, which meant that there were toxic gases in the area.

What I will show you today is my version of a product called Canairi, it is a device that measures the level of CO2 in the air and if it is very high, it expresses it by making the canary turn downwards, inviting us to open the windows of the place. until the air clears, and we will know this when the canary is upright and happy again. What can I tell you, it’s great, and it looks really good, the thing is that it costs almost 200 dollars, and I’ll replicate the project, with a budget of about 45 USD more or less.

If you are a visual learner I know that a video is worth more than 1000 words, so here is a tutorial video. (I am a Spanish speaker, so please consider turning on English subtitles).

The Hardware:

- RAK19003 Mini Base Board
- RAK1906 BME680 Bosch Environmental Sensor
- RAK4631 nRF52840 microcontroller core.
- Micro Servo Motor.
- 18650 3.7v battery.
- Some wires.”

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