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Robotic arms are widely used in industry. Whether it is for assembly operations,
welding or even one is used for docking on ISS (International Space Station), they help humans in work or they replace human totally. Arm that I’ve built is smaller representation of robotic arm that is supposed to be used for moving objects. It is controlled by arduino pro mini which has already built-in library for controlling servos. Servos are controlled by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) which isn’t hard to program but this library makes it easier. User can control those servos by potentiometers that are designed to act as voltage dividers or from program on PC that uses 4 sliders for controlling servo motors.
For this project I had to design my custom PCB and make it, create 3D models of arm and write code which controls it all. On top of it I coded additional program in python that sends signals to arduino which manages to decode that signal and move servos to position that user has set.”

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