MeArm V1.1 - Tiny Open Source Robot Arm

MeArm is a tiny robot arm that came to Instructables in 2014. Build instructions, cutting files and code for Arduino and Raspberry Pi are shared here, as ever, under a CC-BY-SA licence. Which means please use it, share it and love it but let people know where you got it from. The creators are now Mime Industries, a collaboration of MeArm and Mirobot. Prizes* for those who can tell how we came up with the name! The MeArm is made up of a structure of acrylic (or wood, mdf or polycarbonate), a bunch of machine screws and nuts, servo motors (to make it move) and a controller (to make the servo motors move). The servo motors and the controller are important to set up before you start the physical build, that way you’ll only have to build it once.”


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