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Moisture Measurement System with Alert

You’ll learn how to create a system to monitoring the soil moisture level of the plant and inform at the users to irrigate the plant.

In several residences, it is common to find jars with different types of plants. And with the great number of day-to-day activities, people forget to water their plants and they end up dying for lack of water.

As a way to avoid this problem, we decided to create a system to inform when a plant has no water. In this way, you will never forget to irrigate your plant and it will stay alive for a long time.

Next, we will present the whole development of this project.

Project Development
One of the ways that we use to detect the quantity of water in the plant is through the moisture parameter. So, the less water is in the jar of our plant, the lower the soil moisture.

Therefore, we must use a humidity sensor to analyze the state of moisture in our plant.

Through it, we set up a circuit with Arduino, to carry out the monitoring and indication of low humidity of the cactus jar. So, by means the display LCD to inform our user about the moisture, as is shown in Figure 1.”

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