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Hi everyone, this is my new nixie clock. It is my version 2.0 The first model isn’t on instructables. you will see picture later. Almost the same. Difference is, no leds, some parts are in a dip package and as well board is more larger. So this is my new surface mount version. Trust me, this clock remains nobody indifferent.
-IN-14,IN-8 Nixie tubes
-High voltage psu is built-in. (up to 226v with 12v power supply). No need to buy an external one.
-High voltage digital adjustment saved in eeprom.
-Low voltage power supply can be 9v to 12v
-6 leds, digitally adjusted (push button) can be turn off. brightness saved in eeprom
-Nixie saver animation but not too often
-Little in-3 can be on,off or flashing, saved in eeprom.
-No ghosting effect.
-No exotic parts.
-All discrete components. Not very expensive to do.
-Time and date as well.
-DS3231 so time is accurate and keep by battery.
-Supported AVR are atmega 48, 88, 168 and 328”

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