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Are you tired of playing the same, old, boring, 2-dimensional tic-tac-toe?? Well we have the solution for you! Tic-tac-toe in 3-dimensions!!! For 2 players, in this 4x4x4 cube, get 4 LEDs in a row (in any direction) and you win! You make it. You play it.

The most essential component of this 3D Tic-Tac-Toe is the LED. We chose the PL9823 which already has an integrated controller inside. It has four pins (Data-in, Voltage-Supply, Ground, Data-Out), and allows you to easily address and control the color of the LED. The grid structure can be built in many different ways, but for us this was the cheapest, sturdiest, and most aesthetic option.

Component List:

Arduino (we used Uno)
PL9823 LEDs (at least 64)
Wooden skewer sticks (24cm long)
Wiring (we used the insides of an old ethernet cable)
Buttons (momentary state)
7 Resistors (220Ohm)
Breadboards (1 for buttons and playing, 1 for easy panel connections to Arduino)
Foam polystyrene board (~2x30x30cm to make the panels)
Foam polystyrene block (~7x25x25cm as the base for the entire grid)
Tool List:

Soldering iron
Soldering tin
Straightedge with ruler
Wire strippers
Wire cutters

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