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8x8x8 LED Cube Using Arduino

I made a 8x8x8 LED cube by myself with using Arduino. It was a big project, it took almost a month to finish it, but it worth every time. The cube has 8 types of flash and you can switch between the modes with a button.


- 512x 5mm LEDs (8x8x8, green, red or blue)
- 1x large prototyping board (100x100 is enough)
- 64x resistors (220 Ohm)
- 9x 74HC574 ICs
- 9x 20 pin IC sockets
- 16x PN2222 transistors
- 1x pushbuttons
- Arduino Uno
- A lot of wires
- Piece of wood for template and base
- 5v power supply (Personally I used a power bank)


- Solder
- Soldering Iron
- Helping Hands
- Wire cutter
- Paint (for the box)
- Fan (for fresh air due soldering)”

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