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The year is 2048.

Sixty percent of the human population is already augmented. Internally, through biological modifications, and externally, through modular exoskeletons. The biodiversity of the world shrinks as the gap between species grows.

However, in the fringes of society, there is an idea permeating the minds of the populace. Some believe that bio-diversity is already a thing of the past. Dead. Others believe that through augmentation and artificial adaptation evolution can be altered from a natural process to a cybernetic one…

Governments have been augmenting various animals for espionage and warfare for at least five decades. In an attempt to secure the data developed from these experiments, they saved it outside of the grid into an archaic physical form, a solid state drive. The data you are about to witness was recovered from such a drive.

It is believed that this drive was en-route to a low orbit server station, XXX. However, it seems that it never reached its intended destination. Burn marks on the drive’s capsule indicate that there was a malfunction on the autonomous delivery drone that carried it.

It was lost to the whims of the earth’s orbit. Until now. The manuscript you are about to read was found deep in the emergent rain-forest of Siberia. Some critical parts of the experiment’s results are missing, however, most of instructional data remains intact.


24 x M6 Nuts
24 x 20mm M6 Washers
1 x 1m M6 Threaded Rod
1 x 300x250x8mm Plywood sheet
1 x Small transparent tape
4 x M4 Bolts
4 x 7mm M4 Spacers
4 x 5mm Wood Screws
1 x Small Cable-Tie
1 x Strong Double Sided Table
2 x Kitchen Sponge
2 x Rubber Bands
Wheel Axle:

6 x M6 Nuts
2 x M6 Washers
2 x 30mm M6 Threaded Rod
2 x M6 Couplers with Set Screws
8 x 5mm Wood Screws
Control Center:

1 x 250x250x2mm Vivak (plexi) sheet
1 x 9cm by 4 cm piece of lightweight mesh fabric
1 x Insect (Arthropod, Caelifera, etc..)

1 x Arduino Uno
1 x L298N Motor Driver
1 x BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor
2 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
2 x 919D Series DC Motors (11:1 Gear Ratio)
1 x Female Barrel Plug
1 x Male Barrel Plug
1 x 12V 4A< Power Supply
2 x Double Screw Terminals
1 x Wago Connector
Jumper Cables
1 x 20m Red-Black Power Wire (0.4mm)
1 x Mini-Breadboard”

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