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The easiest way to make sure you get angry every day. Nagging Robot® has the solution.

Nagging Robot® Annooy® 900
The Annooy® 900 was carefully conceived with cutting-edge DIY technology to annoy humans.
by Daniel Locatelli and TzuYing Chen

More power, better annoyance.
Power-Lifting Bore delivers 5X the angriness power for improved annoy performance.
(Compared to Annooy® 800 Series).

Intelligently spies on you.

A full suite of sensors intelligently captures your and your home data to navigates the robot around objects and under furniture to help thoroughly bother you.

This work is a parody with the iRobot® Roomba® as part of the assignment Useless Machine from the ITECH seminar Computational Design and Digital Fabrication at the University of Stuttgart.

This is a face following robot, it identifies a human face and tries to centralize it to the camera.”

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