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This buzz wire game allows the user to challenge their steady hand against the LED timer. The goal is to get the game handle from one side of the maze to the other without touching the maze and before the LED turns off. If the game handle and the maze do touch a loud buzz is emitted from the piezo. The idea for this game came from a favorite childhood game, Operation, my students love for a challenging puzzle, and FABLABJubail’s buzz wire game.

This project is great for beginning Arduino users who are familiar with the basics of coding.

Materials and tools needed:

1 Arduino Uno
1 Breadboard
1 USB Cable
1 Piezo Buzzer
1 LED Light
1 560 Ohm Resistor
4 Long Jumper Wires
1 Short Jumper Wire
2 Alligator Clip Jumper Wires (1 male/1 female)
Aluminum Wire
Wire Cutters
1 Small Box
Electrical Tape”

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