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Third Eye (Arduino Project)

Imagine you want to go ghost hunting, but you don’t exactly have any equipment other than a ouija board, of which a many of experienced hunters and psychics highly recommend you not to use, and your phone as an EVP recorder.
Have you tried opening your third eye? How about making this product to help guide you towards that way. The Third Eye will help aid you seek out spirits using thermal imaging. Ghost hunters will typically use thermal imagery to find cold spots - an area of low temperature that allegedly indicates the presence of a ghost.

IF you are not a ghost hunter, nor believe in ghosts, this product can also help in situations such as:

Air quality - monitor which industrial smoke-stacks or household chimneys are in use.
Gas detection - Specially calibrated thermal cameras can be used to detect the presence of specific gases at industrial sites or around pipelines.
Disease control - quickly scan all the incoming passengers at airports and other locations for elevated temperature.
Counter-surveillance - covert surveillance equipment such as listening devices or hidden cameras all consume some energy which gives off waste heat that is clearly visible on a thermal camera (even if hidden or behind an object).
Termite detection - detect areas of potential termite activity in buildings.
These are only some of the ways to utilize thermal imagery. You can find where I got those uses here along with 55 more uses!

Adafruit 1.44” Color TFT LCD Display with MicroSD Card breakout - ST7735R
IR Thermal Camera Breakout
3D printer
Soldering Kit
Fusion 360”

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