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A minimal firmware and configurator to drive RGB LED’s

BitsyLED is a minimal firmware to drive RGB LED’s (WS2811, WS2812, NeoPixels, etc). It’s designed for anything RC but also can be used for other projects including Christmas lights, Lego’s, or even your real car.

BitsyLED is divided into two parts: The Firmware and the Configurator. The firmware can be run on most Arduino compatible boards and I also created a dedicated board (see below) that is targeted primarily for RC purposes.

By default the firmware is set to the following settings which is the maximum amount supported by the ATTINY. The firmware can be reconfigured through the file config.h.

Up to 5 individual ranges, selectable through either an RC PWM signal, Analog signal, Time based or always on.

3 LED data strands per range (Left, Right, Other)

Each data strand can have up to 10 LED’s

Supports multiple patterns such as Off, Solid, Blink, Strobe and Pulse.

Supports different speeds per pattern

Simulate your patterns directly through the BitsyLED configurator

The configurator and firmware are still under development but some parts may change as I have time to complete the following objectives:

Introduce curves for custom light patterns (Pending)
Add presets (Pending)
Add serial debug output (In Progress)
More documentation (getting there)
Upload firmware directly from the configurator (Pending)”

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