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Convert your GameCube controller to Bluetooth for playing on the Switch, emulators and more

I love Smash Ultimate on the Switch and also love the feel of an Original Nintendo Gamecube Controller, but there wasnt a great wireless option I was happy about. Nintendo still somewhat supports the GameCube port but I think Bluetooth is the best way to future proof what many believe is one of the best controllers ever made. This is a great mod even for beginners, theres just a little bit of soldering required to hack your own. And if youre hardcore, It should be open source soon. My plan here with the Hackaday Prize is to gather the resources to develop and ship a great mod kit at a reasonable cost. I have a few early versions Ive been putting to the test and I am satisfied with the results, its currently my go to controller for playing Smash Ultimate online. I’m a couple months away from being able to sell kits on tindie.”

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