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Portable Arduino Lab

Hello everyone….
All are familiar with Arduino. Basically it is an open source electronic prototyping platform. It is a single board micro-controller computer. It is available in different forms Nano, Uno, etc… All are used to make electronic projects. The attraction of Arduino is that it is simple, user friendly, open source and cheap. It is designed for every one which are not familiar with electronics. So it is widely used by students and hobbyists to fulfill their projects more attractive.
I am an electronic student, so I am familiar with Arduino. Here I modified the Arduino Uno for Arduino users which are not come from electronic background (or for every one). So here I converted the Arduino Uno board to a “Portable Arduino Lab”. It helps everyone who need it portable. The problems associate with the Arduino board is that it need an external power-supply and it is a bare PCB, so the rough use damage the PCB. So here I add an internal power-supply with multi-function and provide a protective covering to the whole circuit. So by this method I created a “Portable Arduino Lab” for every one. So I created an electronic lab which is fit in your pocket. If you are not in your home or in lab, but you need to test a new idea into circuit, then this make that practical. If you like it, please read the making steps…”

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